Chris Pine Wants ‘Princess Diaries 3’ To Happen

Chris Pine Wants ‘Princess Diaries 3’ To Happen
Photo Credit: Penny B. Dreadful via Compfight cc
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Princess Diaries 3 was rumored to be in the planning stage by Disney. However, after reports surfaced about the project, the production company shot down rumors and stated there is nothing currently in the works. Despite the heartbreaking news, lead actor for “Princess Diaries 2,” Chris Pine, revealed that he is hoping the project would push through.


A possible Princess Diaries 3 may have been shot down by Disney, but lead actor Chris Pine definitely wants to make it possible.

The actor was asked by an avid “Princess Diaries” fan through Tumblr, “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” Pine responded with, “Have you been reading my diary?” Oh, snap! He’s wishing for it, too!

Pine starred as Nicholas Devereaux alongside Anne Hathaway who played Mia Thermopolis in “Princess Diaries 2.” Unfortunately, it was the last the fans saw the princess. However, they and Pine are definitely hoping for another installment of the franchise.

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Despite reports that say Disney was planning to do “Princess Diaries 3,” the company denied allegations and stated that nothing was “in development at the moment.” There’s no definite “no” answer, though, right? Can Pine’s wishes come true?

In other news, E! Online reports that Pine has been considered one of Hollywood’s hot Chris dudes. In fact, he was compared to the notorious hunks in the business such as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt.

The report claims that Pine is as hot of these men, and that he deserves the same amount of attention that the rest of the Chrises in the industry receive.

Now that Chris Pine has been considered as one of the hottest dudes in Hollywood to date, will he and the fans finally convince Disney to push through and create Princess Diaries 3?