Chris Brown Baby Mama Nia Guzman: Getting Back Royalty Custody After Arrest?

Chris Brown Baby Mama Nia Guzman: Getting Back Royalty Custody After Arrest?
Chris Brown Eva Rinaldi / Flickr cc
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Chris Brown’s arrest that came after he held a woman at gunpoint on Tuesday morning might have paved way for his ex-Nia Guzman to appeal for full custody of their two-year-old daughter Royalty.


Earlier in August, a Californian court granted Chris Brown joint custody of Royalty and ordered Guzman to pay back Brown whatever he had to spend for her, including lawyer’s fees.

According to an insider, Guzman is livid and is very much scared for her daughter’s safety.

“Oh it’s bad,” the insider was quoted as saying by the “[Nia Guzman]’s fuming. She’s hot as hell and is furious at Chris [Brown] for hanging out with his thug friends and getting himself into trouble. She’s beyond scared for Royalty [Brown]’s safety, and wants full custody of her immediately.”

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The insider added, “She’s talking to her team to make this happen. Chris is such a baby, and his mother caters to his every need. She doesn’t want Royalty around that and wants to teach her how to not be a spoiled brat who can get away with anything like her father.”

According to Guzman’s attorney, Royalty was present at Brown’s house when he allegedly threatened Baylee Curran, a model and actress, by aiming a gun at her after she admired a diamond necklace. However, Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, dismissed it saying the child was not there.

The 2-year-old stayed at Brown’s house over the night and went to school in the next morning, from where she was picked up by her mother and taken to a safer place, the reported.

Curran said she went to Brown’s house with a friend and a business associate to discuss future projects. According to her, there were a handful of people in the house and a man inside the house was showcasing diamond, necklaces, watches and bracelets. But, Chris Brown lost his cool when he found Curran admiring a diamond necklace and in a feat of rage he held out a gun at her and asked her to get out.

Curran managed to make a call to 911, even though she was briefly interrupted by one of Brown’s associates at the gate when she asked for her phone, that she left with him before entering the house.

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