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Chocolates, Green Leafy Vegetables Could Cause Migraine, Study Finds

Chocolates, Green Leafy Vegetables Could Cause Migraine, Study Finds
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Chocolates, Green Leafy Vegetables Could Cause Migraine, Study Finds

A group of researchers from the University of California in San Diego has found that individuals who suffer from migraine have increased level of oral bacteria that can break down nitrates in the mouth.

Nitrates are commonly found in different food, including chocolates, processed meat, and green leafy vegetables. Some medicines and food supplements also contain nitrates.

Nitrates And Migraine

According to the study, which was published in the journal mSystems, study participants who reported experiencing migraine have elevated level of nitrates-modifying microbes than those who are do not suffer from migraine problems, the UC-San Diego press reported.

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Migraine is a severe headache with still unknown cause. But researchers are now looking at some factors that trigger this condition, including food and exposure to stressful events.

Antonio Gonzalez, professor at the UC-San Diego and first author of the study said the study provides substantive evidences that microbial presence in the oral cavity is associated with migraine. The study was among the first few that investigated the relationship between microbial level in the mouth with migraine.

Migraine Facts, Stats

“There is this idea out there that certain foods trigger migraines — chocolate, wine and especially foods containing nitrates. We thought that perhaps there are connections between what people are eating, their microbiomes and their experiences with migraines,” Gonzalez said.

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Under certain condition, nitrates are converted to nitric oxide upon entering the blood stream. Nitric oxide, the report noted, plays an important role in maintaining a good blood circulation and help prevent high blood pressure.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is more than just a simple headache. It is an “extremely incapacitating collection of neurological symptoms.”

It is the third most common illness in the world, affecting 38 million individuals, both children and adults, in the United States. Globally, migraine is affecting 1 billion individuals, making it the world’s sixth most disabling illness.

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