Chip Kelly Begging For A Job: NFL Insider

Chip Kelly Begging For A Job: NFL Insider
Eagles at Redskins 10/04/15 Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Chip Kelly, the former Philadelphia Eagles coach, is reportedly begging NFL owners for a new coaching job.


On Monday, several reports claim that Kelly’s representatives have reached out to the San Francisco 49ers to express interest in the team’s head-coaching vacancy. There were also reports that several NFL teams have shown interest in hiring Kelly (see tweet below). However, according to NFL insider Jason Cole, not all teams are so impressed with the recently fired Eagles coach.

“In talking to two NFL owners over the weekend, the impression that they gave is they were simply not that impressed with Kelly and the work that he did. It was not so much the X’s and O’s part, those owners talked about, it is the executive function Kelly seemed to lack,” Cole wrote on Bleacher Report.

Cole continued, “And one of the things that they came away with was that the statement from Kelly last week, where he talked about how much he loved his players, was a clear indication of how he didn’t understand it. It came off as basically Kelly having to beg for a job to tell owners ‘Oh, I really do know how to handle this.”

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There is some evidence to support Cole’s report. According to most insiders, Kelly’s camp has been reaching out for job opportunities as opposed to the other way around.

There have also been reports that Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins are all interested in Kelly’s services. Remember, even though Browns fired Mike Pettine yesterday, they are looking to wait until next season to hire a new coach. The Titans and Dolphins are also without a coach.

Many reckon that Titans are the frontrunners to land Kelly due to his connection with Marcus Mariota, the former college quarterback at Oregon. Kelly and Mariota share fruitful ties. However, it remains to be seen if Kelly coming on board would help the rest of the squad.

If Chip Kelly lands with the 49ers, expect former starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick to return to the spotlight. According to ESPN, Kaepernick’s game would fit perfectly with Kelly’s fast-paced system. It would be interesting to see where Kelly coaches next season.


  • ManxThor

    I am certain that when Coach Kelly said he’s not the general manager…he is saying that HE DOES NOT MAKE ALL OF THE PERSONNEL DECISIONS!
    Looks like Howie has been moonlighting! Undermining Chip!

  • ManxThor

    San Fran will rise back to prominence with Chip Kelly as coach!
    And for Philly? They undermined there coach to appease the “Inmates running the asylum” 8-10 years before they become a serious contender! No formidable coach in his right mind would go to Philly after what has just happened!