China-US War Erupts! Tianjin Explosion An Attack From Pentagon, US Taught China A Lesson – Report

China-US War Erupts! Tianjin Explosion An Attack From Pentagon, US Taught China A Lesson – Report
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The explosion that rocked the port city of Tianjin in China last week was not an accident but a covert attack by the Pentagon against China, a report said. The Pentagon had allegedly used its nuclear weapons from space known as the “Rod of God,” the report claims. China will be declaring martial law in the coming days in its attempt to whitewash the truth behind the Tianjin explosion, according to various Chinese sources.


Shocking report claims Tianjin explosion a “kinetic retaliation” from Pentagon

The Pentagon had conducted a covert nuclear attack against China and the result of that is the Tianjin explosion, a report from Natural News revealed, citing sources from Chinese dissidents. The report said Pentagon conducted the nuclear attack in retaliation to China’s currency war or the Yuan devaluation. The U.S. is reportedly apprehensive that China is going to declare its own gold currency in the coming days while staging a “fire sale on U.S. debt holdings,” the report said. If this happen, the U.S. dollar will collapse and the country’s economy will be destroyed.

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What is the “Rod of God?”

The report from Natural News said that the Tianjin explosion resulted from a hidden attack using the “Rod of God” from U.S.’s secret nuclear space station. The said weapon is capable of launching an “unimaginable kinetic energy” more powerful than a small nuclear weapon, the report said. An attack from the “Rod of God” is similar to an attack conducted with a tactical nuke, the report explained.

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The “Rod of God” is thoroughly explained in a blog from The Unhived Mind III. The website stated that “Rod of God” is a weapon that is dropped from orbit. The proof that the Tianjin explosion was attacked from orbit is the resulting lake crater in China after the Tianjin explosion. The website compared the lake’s picture side-by-side to a picture of a crater that resulted from a nuclear test in Russia.

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The website further stated that the blast had in fact produced a three-acre lake, which again proved that a 5-kiloton blast from space took place – a blast that could only be possible if the “Rod of God” is used.

“If the blast happened at ground level, almost all of the energy would go upwards and the blast would not have made a large deep crater, especially one large enough and deep enough to make that lake,” the website stated.

“If you look to the right hand side of the lake, you can see fracture patterns in the earth, which were caused by the earth being compressed sideways and not downwards. This would only be done with a sub surface blast. After the blast, the earth bounced back towards the center of the lake, which opened up the cracks,” the report went on explaining.

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Timeline of the US-China covert war

To validate its point, Natural News highlighted the timeline of events surrounding the alleged covert attack by U.S. The report noted that on August 11, China devaluated the Yuan by 1.9 percent. The devaluation affected the other currencies, with the most devastating effect to the U.S. dollar, the report said.

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On Aug. 12, the Tianjin explosion happened. And finally on August 16, U.S. president Barack Obama issued a warning against China. Natural News quoted a report from The New York Times, saying Mr Obama issued a stern warning “about the presence of Chinese government agents operating secretly in the U.S. soil.”

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  • Randy Brown

    “The Pentagon had allegedly used its nuclear weapons from space known as the “Rod of God,” the report claims.”

    Talk about sensationalist bullshit…. Nuclear weapons? The rod of god is a projectile weapon… there is nothing nuclear about it.