China & Russia Rattle US, Pentagon Pleads Silicon Valley For Rescue

China & Russia Rattle US, Pentagon Pleads Silicon Valley For Rescue
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The United States is turning to its Silicon Valley resources in light of Chinese and Russian threats. As countries like Russia and China appear to gain more power, especially on the military front, the United States is trying to address and push for military space advancement to tech players alike. Will it be a good gamble?


It’s a race to military supremacy and the United States is not taking any chances. Faced with increasing threats from China and Russia, Washington is looking into tapping emerging commercial frontiers to get ahead of the competition.

According to Forbes, the US, specifically the Department of Defense (DOD), is allocating more than  $2 billion on space control capabilities that can deal with potential threats to the country’s space assets. Additionally, the DOD is attempting to connect to the commercial industry for better technologies through the Defense Innovation Initiative. Likewise, Pentagon also reportedly set up Defense Innovation Unit – Experimental (DIUx) in 2015 in an attempt to connect to Silicon Valley players. This can potentially allow synergies between the two parties for disruptive technologies that can offer national security advantages.

The United States is nothing but ignorant about Russia’s rising military power and the threat it poses to the country’s interests. According to US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, advances in Russian military capability affects the US on diverse fronts.

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“First, the Russian military presents the greatest array of threats to US interests,” Sputnik quoted the official. The general said that while there are demographic and economic challenges hounding Russia now, they are still making great strides in military advancement.

“I believe we should maintain military to military communication and relationships in the worst of times. We did it throughout the Cold War, we should do it now,” Dunford added.

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