China Military: World’s First Quantum Satellite For World War 3?

China Military: World’s First Quantum Satellite For World War 3?
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China has announced what they called the first quantum communication satellite, the state-run news website Xinhua reported.


According to the report, the world’s first quantum satellite was named Micius, after a 5th BC Chinese scientist. It was launched to space using China’s Long March-2D rocket. The launch was witnessed by Chinese officials at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Jiuquan, Gansu province on Tuesday.

US Quantum Expert Impressed

In a separate report from Xinhua, American quantum expert Alexander Sergienko from Boston University lauded the new technology, which can revolutionize quantum communications. Sergienko said the experimental launch of the world’s first quantum satellite could yield more useful information on quantum communications.

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“The race is now moving in the near space in order to cover longer distances between different metropolitan areas. I know there were plans to develop multiple point-by-point multi-city quantum communication segments to cover the distance between Shanghai and Beijing. A successful implementation of the satellite project would allow covering it in one step,” Sergienko said.

Sergienko added that the launch is not only important among the Chinese; it also has a global significance, especially since it’s the first time such technology would be put into an actual test.

Quantum Communication: Hack-Proof

Establishing a secure quantum communication has been happening over the past two decades in different key cities across the world. But no teams were able to reach the same level of experiment as the Chinese has achieved.

Several demonstration have also been conducted in Vienna, Boston, Canada, and in parts of Europe. Quantum communication is the gold standard of communication of governments across the world because of its level of security and hack-proof feature, RT reported.

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  • Kamal Rajpal

    The assumption that the an electron-spin qubit (quantum bit) can be both spin-up and spin-down at the same time is based on an incorrect concept of Electron Spin.

    The assumption that a quantum switch can be ‘ON and OFF’ at the same time is based on an incorrect concept of Linear Polarization.