Is This Doom For US? China, Russia Fortify Alliance

Is This Doom For US? China, Russia Fortify Alliance
Meeting with President of China President of Russia Website / Flickr CC

Two world powers, often grouped by the United States as threats to security, have seemingly joined together. According to reports, China is looking into relocating some of its key industry resources in Russia which could mean strengthening ties between the two countries.


Beijing is looking into transferring some of steel and chemical plants in Russia. The plan also involves relocation of shipyards. Russia welcomes the idea noting that such is possible so long as the transfers and setup comply fully with local environmental laws.

“We are ready to accept Chinese enterprises to establish joint export-oriented production in the Far East territory”, RT quoted spokesman for the Far East Development Department Rustam Makarov.

The factories to be transferred span several industries including metalworking, construction, shipbuilding, energy, chemicals, machine building, textile industry, cement industry, telecommunications and agriculture. Nonetheless, Russian wants everything done according to environmental laws. According to reports, the deal came into place following a visit of the Department’s head Aleksandr Galushka to Beijing.

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The memorandum stating all details related to the agreement was signed during the said visit. Additionally, the Kremlin reportedly promised “significant tax benefits and administrative preferences” to the Chinese companies. Authorities from China said that the project can involve state-owned and private companies.

According to Moscow Times, Russia has stepped up its efforts in coordinating with China after Western countries placed sanctions on the country in relation to the Ukraine conflict. The cooperation seems to be moving forward further. For instance, Chinese company Sinopec invested in the Russian petrochemical company Sibur, gaining 10 percent stake in it. Furthermore, a consortium of Chinese investors also bought shares Norilsk Nickel. The 13.3 percent share purchases also cover the Bystrinsky gold and copper project of the said company.

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  • Zhuubaajie

    It probably does not work unless the immigration situation can be worked out. Last year there was announcement with fanfare about long term leases of huge swaths of RFE farmland to Chinese entities. The deal fell apart when Russia insisted on holding tight on very xenophobic immigration rules. Same would apply here.

    One permanent solution might be to have cross border marriages en masse. Russian men are fewer than women, opposite to the situation in China. Mixed babies can be rather beautiful, and can feed a new surge in entertainment and services trade. The marriages would also allow much easier immigration, and setting up abodes on both sides of the border. Today there are many new Chinese language schools along the border and the students are mostly young Russian women. With the announcement of the 300,000 troop level cut in the PLA, the condition is ripe for a large number of cross border marriages – if the governments are farsighted enough to encourage it.