China Antsy For South China Sea War, Beefs Up Military To Be Battle Ready

China Antsy For South China Sea War, Beefs Up Military To Be Battle Ready
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China has been at the center of the South China Sea dispute and even with the opposition from different world powers, it appears the country is persistent to continue its efforts over the disputed region. Beijing is reportedly preparing for battle as it beefs up its military force while continuing to provoke other countries by testing the disputed waters. Will it come to war?


China recently issued a notice to its armed forces to stop paid outside work for the next three years as part of its initiative to make its military more battle ready and professional. Specifically, the Defense Ministry notice reported on Monday said that the ban would extend to both the regular army and paramilitary People’s Armed Police.

According to Fox News, the notice did not specify the fields but this should cover military facilities that cater to paying civilians. The notice further said that the ban is a “major political task concerning the overall scope of military construction and development.” Even with the overall goal to progress the military force, many analysts have pointed out how China has been setting its eyes on the South China Sea territory. It has been setting up military infrastructure in the region thus any military moves on the country’s part may soon be related to the growing tensions.

The United States has already taken notice of the situation, sending its troops near to the disputed region despite China’s opposition. More importantly, President Barack Obama will also be meeting with Asian leaders in Washington this week to discuss rising fears and other concerns over the South China Sea and Korean Peninsula.

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Obama’s meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping will focus on different aspects but it will tackle one of the boldest concerns: China’s aggressive pursuit of its territorial claims. China has been contending its historic rights over South China Sea to which Western allies like the Philippines has contested. However, such interventions from the West are also not welcomed by Beijing.

“Washington should know that the more provocative moves it makes against China, the more counter-measures Beijing will take. Such an undesirable cycle may push both sides nearer confrontation and cause both to prepare for the worst-case scenario, potentially making it self-fulfilling,” a recent editorial of the state-supported China Daily claimed via ABC. Stakes are expected to rise even more as an international arbitration body is set to proclaim its decision over the case the Philippines filed regarding the disputed area.

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