China Annihilates U.S. Warship, F-22 Raptor In WW3 Simulation Video

China Annihilates U.S. Warship, F-22 Raptor In WW3 Simulation Video

China showed off smorgasbord of long and short-ranged hyper sonic ballistic missiles, bombers, anti-ship warheads, and jet fighters in a video simulating how World War 3 will erupt. While China’s enemy in the video was only referred to as the “foreign alliance,” U.S. Nimitz class aircraft carrier and F-22 Raptor were seen blown up in the video.


The video was made by Tencent which is one of China’s giant Internet providers. According to a report from Popular Science, the video was played during China’s 70th VJ day parade on Sept. 3, 2015.

The video begins in a purported surprised attack from the “foreign alliance. The attack resulted in what could be described as a version of the Pearl Harbor.

China then decided to launch its counterattack by launching DF-15B short ranged ballistic missiles from underground bases. On the road DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles were traveling as H-6k bombers roar in the sky. They then attack an OPFOR base which Popular Science noted as bearing a striking similarity with the U.S. Air Force’s Kadena Air Base on Okinawa. Within minutes, F-22A fighters, aircraft hangars and PAC-3 missile defense launchers were obliterated by China.

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The attack does not stop there. As a Nimitz class aircraft carrier sails at sea, lights started showering from the sky. As the lights approached the aircraft carrier, it became clearer that they were not just lights but DF-21D anti-ship warheads flying in hypersonic speed. The Nimitz, too, was obliterated within seconds. Underneath the ocean, a nuclear attack submarine was also being taken down by China’s Type 093 SSN. The rest of the video can be found here. It had been viewed for more than 1 million times already.

The video, admittedly, was exciting to watch. However, Reuters pointed out that the video actually reflects how China is preparing its counter attack against U.S. Reuters noted that analysts identified the potential location of the looming World War 3. It could be in the South China Sea where U.S. is keen at protecting its allies from Chinese aggression; the East China Sea where China is having a friction with another U.S. ally, Japan; and in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has staged a simulation of its counterstrike in any instance that China conducted an attack. While President Ma Ying-jeou is seeking peace with China, he also deemed it necessary for his country to be battle-ready.

“Although cross-strait ties are the most stable over the past 66 years, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has by no means slackened its military preparedness. We want to prevent wars but we’re not afraid of fighting… While serving as a peace maker, we also want to operate solid and self-sufficient forces,” Mr. Ma was quoted as saying by The Strait Times.

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