Chevrolet Introduces Self-driving Cars, Audi To Follow

Chevrolet Introduces Self-driving Cars, Audi To Follow
1955 Chevrolet Statuon Wagon ‘FMLE 2LN’ 3 Jack Snell/Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Self-driving cars only seen in science fiction are soon going to be part of reality, as the Chevrolet-FNR and Malibu have been introduced.


The Chevrolet-FNR provides a glimpse of the future of automobiles with a pod-like design that resembles a science fiction vehicle. Swinging doors and sensors complete with crystal laser lights bring it to life.

The inside of the car is loaded with magnetic hubless wheel electric motors apart from its wireless charger, swiveling front seat and more. The eye recognition system to verify the owner makes the car secure enough.

The announcement marks the 10th anniversary of GM’s Chevrolet brand in China. The target customers are the young generation of tomorrow.

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When the news of self-driving cars is making rounds, the Audi A7 is all set to bring auto-driving experiences as well. Though the car is still in the testing phase and there are so many legal issues to overcome, the competence of the car in changing lanes, braking and accelerating is an innovation.

Audi’s automated driving project leader, Dr. Arne Bartels, said that the process of introducing a self-driving vehicle will be carried out in steps. Completely self-driven cars may be 15 years away from now.