Check This Out! Topless Vladimir Putin In 2016 Calendar

Check This Out! Topless Vladimir Putin In 2016 Calendar
Vladimir Putin President Of Russia / Webiste cc by 4.0
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What's This?

Russian president Vladimir Putin is featured in a 2016 calendar spread being sold in Moscow. Each month has a photo of the president with a quotation personally coming from him. There is one spread which shows him topless while fishing and another wearing a muscle shirt while sniffing a flower.


The 2016 Putin calendar was published by Zvezdi I Soveti, a local tabloid, according to CNN. The publication said it has sold 200, 000 copies.

In a photo for March, the president is seen wearing a muscle shirt while sniffing a flower. The caption reads, “I like all Russian women. I personally think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.”

In July, the president is topless while fishing. The caption says, “My enthusiasm for active sport, like for many others, came during youth. And it hasn’t change over the years.”

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In October, Mr. Putin is wearing a naval uniform. The quotation goes, “No one will succeed in gaining military superiority over Russia. Our army is modern, effective and as they now say ‘polite and formidable.’ We have enough will, force and courage to protect our freedom.”

In November photo, Mr. Putin is cuddling with a dog. The caption says, “Dogs and I have very warm feeling for one another.”

Russians seem to can’t get enough of their president. A book titled “Words That Change The World” was published by a group of Russian youths and was given as gifts to local politicians. The 400-page book is a compilation of Mr. Putin’s most remarkable speeches given as far back as 2003 until the one given to the UN general assembly in 2015.

“Words That Change The World” was published by a youth group identifying themselves as the Network, The Guardian reported. “A year ago, we noticed when reading one of his early speeches that it was exactly right in its predictions, so we decided to check all of his other speeches. And it turns out basically everything he said has either already come true or is in the process of coming true at this very moment,” Anton Volodin, a network member, told The Guardian. The Network believes that Mr. Putin is a collective father figure for Russians, The Guardian found.

As for the book per se, political analyst Ekaterina Schulman said “it would be like Mao’s Little Red Book.” But as “it turns out to be total postmodernism,” she added.