Cheap USB-C Cable For Apple MacBook Brings Relief To Users

Cheap USB-C Cable For Apple MacBook Brings Relief To Users
P7215375 Whity / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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whity macbook Cheap USB C Cable For Apple MacBook Brings Relief To Users
Image from Flickr by whity

Monoprice has finally brought relief to new Macbook users with the announcement of a cheaper USB-C cable compatible with the device, with connections for USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. The cable is proficient for charging and data transfer.


When the new MacBook came to the market, one of the major problems was that it was not accompanied by a USB cable. Finding a cheap one was not possible, as Apple’s own offering was overpriced. The simple C to C cable was priced at around $29 while the USB-C to the USB adapter was charged around $19. The multiport adaptor was priced at $79.

Monoprice has announced a range of such cables at the lowest price of $9.99.

These USB cables are not only cheaper but also compatible to a variety of devices and platforms. The presence of USB-C can already be found in the Chromebook Pixel Refresh. The bi-directional charging option and high-data transfer speed are two of the major benefits.

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Belkin’s website has a listing of a $20 USB-C cable since March, but it is still in the “Coming Soon” mode, emphasized by Wired.

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