‘Charmed’ Reunion In The Works? Holly Marie Combs Speaks Up!

‘Charmed’ Reunion In The Works? Holly Marie Combs Speaks Up!
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Cast member Holly Marie Combs has hinted possibility of a “Charmed” reunion.


42-year-old “Pretty Little Liars” actress said that she is excited to have a revival of the hit drama show. Her co-cast members Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan are interested for a “Charmed” revival as well.

“People keep talking about it,” Combs told US Weekly at the Los Angeles Family Housing Awards. “CBS has the rights to it,” she said.

“I heard they tried to do a pilot a few years back,” the actress followed up. “I know all the girls would like to do it, too.”

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“Charmed,” gained popularity in 1998 and ran for eight season until its final episode in May 2006.

It follows the story of three Halliwell witch sisters who are joining forces against the dark side. Combs took on the role as one of the three sisters alongside Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan.

A “Charmed” reunion has been speculated recently, as former television shows have been revived by Netflix.

In fact, just recently, Netflix announced that they will be reviving “Gilmore Girls” which ended in 2007.

After nine years, the revival will be named as “Gilmore Girls: Seasons.” It will show different seasons each episode, Vox said in a report.

“It worked to open on snow and have a colder, starker environment,” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said. “And then end on a lusher, warmer, golden-y town, which lends to where the story will end.”

Aside from “Charmed” reunion rumors and the “Gilmore Girls” remake, a revival of “Fuller House” is in the works for Netflix.

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