Charlotte McKinney Naked Picture Posted On Instagram, Celebrity Claims Cyber Hacking

Charlotte McKinney Naked Picture Posted On Instagram, Celebrity Claims Cyber Hacking
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Charlotte McKinney has denied posting a naked picture on her Instagram. She claimed that her Instagram profile was hacked, resulting into the posting of the nude picture on the social networking site.


The picture of the model appeared on her Instagram profile Wednesday evening but was soon taken down. The picture came with a caption “I’m gonna be so damn hungover tomorrowww.” It seemed that the blonde beauty decided to show a bit more this time for fans.

The 23-year-old model was featured in Carls Jr.’s All Natural Burger commercial and was famous from then on. She has 500,000 followers who believe that the profile was hacked as the beauty claims to have been so. She may be the latest victim of cyber hacking.

Charlotte’s representative told to E! News, “Charlotte has once again become a victim of hacking.” The person also added, “It is disgusting someone does this and hopefully laws will change to protect people from these cyber attacks.”

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Some of the pictures of the celebrity are out on the web and if you really want to see them, they are here. In the meantime, she has her share of fame by being named the Girl of the Summer by GQ. She has modeled in a sexy bikini for the magazine. She also has a film to her credit, “Joe Dirt: 2,” which will be in theaters later this month.

The Florida-born beauty has always relied on Instagram for her fame. She had to struggle to make her career in modeling and thus created an Instagram profile to make herself popular. This time, the story is much different. Instagram’s “no nipple policy” caused more photos pulled down from accounts of celebrities.