Charlie Sheen Owes $89K In Back Child Support, Says Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen Owes $89K In Back Child Support, Says Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller
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Charlie Sheen’s former wife Brooke Mueller claims the actor owes $89,000 in back child support. She is now asking a Los Angeles court to intervene and make him pay.


PEOPLE revealed that after their divorce in 2011, Sheen was ordered to pay $55,000 in child support each month to Mueller, who has primary custody of their two children. Mueller’s attorney stated in a document on April 7 that Sheen only paid $21,000 in child support for the months of March and April 2016 and now owes $88,874 plus interest.

In the previous month, Sheen asked a court to reduce his child support payments to Mueller, arguing that his income had been significantly reduced since the time of the divorce.

According to the documents filed by Sheen, he made $613,000 while working on Two and a Half Men, which he left in 2011 due to a disagreement with show creator Chuck Lorre. The documents also show that Sheen’s current monthly earnings amount to $87,384 and that he is $12.4 million in debt due to mortgages, car loans and credit card payments.

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E! reported that Charlie Sheen has sold his rights to profit participation to Two and a Half Men for a lump sum of $26.75 million. Sheen had received residual payments for re-runs of Two and a Half Men for years before selling his rights.

In February, Sheen said he wanted to revisit the agreements he made with both Mueller and Richards, stating that the agreements were made a long time ago when everybody was living large, yet he is still expected to pay the same amount of money.

Besides Mueller, Sheen also faces a lawsuit in January for $1.2 million from ex-wife Denise Richards for failing to follow the terms of their divorce.

This comes after the actor’s HIV-positive status announcement which he was reportedly extorted for $10 million dollars by people threatening to reveal his diagnosis to the public.

It seems that Charlie Sheen’s screen persona in Two and a Half Men doesn’t veer far from his real life, full of ups and downs with a bit of controversy in between.

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