Charlie Sheen News: Charlie Sheen Sues Ex For Forcing Him To Have Unprotected Sex

Charlie Sheen News: Charlie Sheen Sues Ex For Forcing Him To Have Unprotected Sex
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Charlie Sheen News: HIV positive Charlie Sheen is making news for various reasons. This time Charlie has accused his ex-girlfriend of forcing him to have unprotected sex. He said that Brett Rossi was aware of his condition, but wanted to feel like a normal couple.


Charlie Sheen also said that Brett was a nurse and she consulted her doctor for Anti-HIV medicines. It was she who wanted to have unprotected sex and not him.

Many have accused him of several things. His exes have been furious for making them exposed to the virus. HIV positive Charlie Sheen has also said that Brett Rossi is an extortionist and wanted to get money by blackmailing him.

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Sheen has also said that Brett is a porn star and she had hundreds of partners. She had exposed herself to the virus every time she was in front of the camera. She cannot claim that Charlie has exposed her to it.

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Brett Rossi previously stated that she got pregnant in 2014. Charlie did not want the child given her HIV status. He forced her and said that he would kick her to curb if she resisted. He did not want her to give birth to the child.

Charlie Sheen being HIV positive is raising a lot of questions in the media. Many new stories are cropping up. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest update.

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