Charlie Puth Dumped By Filipina: Facts And Photos Of Liza Soberano

Charlie Puth Dumped By Filipina: Facts And Photos Of Liza Soberano
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Liza Soberano proved to Charlie Puth that doing a hit single with Selena Gomez does not make you immune to rejection! Find out more about spunky Liza Soberano!


Charlie Puth had taken Filipino actress Liza Soberano for granted when he made fun of her over-dramatic acting in Filipino movies via Snapchat. However, when he proceeded to check out her Twitter profile, he discovered that Liza had more followers than he has at the moment!

After this shocking revelation, the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer wasted no time in sending Liza Soberano an invitation to his concert that was taking place the same night.

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Sassy as she is, Liza softly rejected his invitation with the response “@charlieputh sorry I couldn’t make it!! Hope to see you next time around,” reports Cosmo. Oops! Looks like Charlie should have thought twice before mocking Liza’s movies on social media!

Poor Charlie Puth ended up admitting his stupidity during his concert, where he wished Liza could have said yes to his invitation. Is Charlie Puth smitten with beautiful and talented Filipino actress Liza Soberano? It surely seems so!

So who is Liza Soberano, the girl who has managed to grab Charlie Puth’s attention? Here are a few interesting trivia about the Filipino actress:

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Liza Soberano Facts

  • Liza Soberano was born on 4th January 1998 in California, U.S., to John Castillo Soberano, a Filipino father, and Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley, an American mother, reports Hot Birthdays.
  • She moved to America at the age of 10 because she wanted to know dad.
  • Liza was raised by her grandparents as her parents were divorced when she was just a year old, reports Famous Fix.
  • Even though Liza was rumored to hook up with Enrique Gil, her best friend, and co-star of the movie “Everyday I Love You”, she clarified that she was solely focusing on her career and not looking to date anyone for the moment.
  • She has played the lead in a rom-com TV series called “Forevermore”.
  • Liza is multi-talented! She can sing, dance and play the guitar apart from acting too!
  • She has one half-brother on her father side and has six half-siblings on her mother side.
  • She is a die-hard Justin Bieber fan (no wonder she declined the invitation to a Charlie Puth concert!)
  • She is currently playing an Italian girl in 2016 TV series “Dolce Amore” with Enrique Gil.
  • She’s now a brand ambassador for Maybelline New York.
  • Selena Gomez already met her and called her beautiful!

Liza Soberano Photos



I hope when it stops raining this crazy y’all could grab a copy of @metromagph with me on the cover 💜

A photo posted by Hope Elizabeth (@lizasoberano) on



A photo posted by Hope Elizabeth (@lizasoberano) on

No wonder Charlie Puth was mesmerized by Liza Soberano!

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