Charlie Hunnam latest rumors: ‘Jax Teller’ stole stuff on Sons of Anarchy set

Charlie Hunnam latest rumors: ‘Jax Teller’ stole stuff on Sons of Anarchy set
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Charlie Hunnam is one of the more popular actors to date, best known for his performances on Pacific Rim and the TV series Sons of Anarchy.


Of the two, it was in Sons of Anarchy where he made his mark when he portrayed Jax Teller. That character was killed off, but there are rumors now brewing of a potential spin-off and prequel. A lot of that would fall into the hands of Kurt Sutter, likely calling for a young Jax Teller.

Feud with Kurt Sutter?

Hunnam and Sutter did work together but it wasn’t always smooth-sailing. Both had their heated moments, which almost led to a physical altercation revealed Hunnam via the Men’s Journal.

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That is seen as a probable strain on seeing Hunnam returning for a Sons of Anarchy prequel or spin-off, but there could be more to that ‘heated’ relationship. Something like maybe a missing Harley bike from the set?

Hunnam admits stealing things on set

In an interview with ET Online, Hunnam admitted he stole things on Sons of Anarchy. Among the things he reportedly got were a bike (a 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide) and rings.

“Yes, I stole the bike. Hell yeah! It’s in my garage. It was like one of those weird things that like a kid does. I stole it, but I’ve never used it.”

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Assuming that Hunnam did get to ‘steal’ things, it somehow comes as a surprise why the showrunners never really went after him. They may not be aware of it (until now) so Hunnam could eventually be forced to return them, especially the Harley.

Hunnam is now busy with his upcoming film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. There are no Harleys in the film though it will be interesting if he gets to snag any memorabilia on set like maybe a sword or piece of armor.

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