Charlie Hebdo Satirizes Photo Of Aylan Kurdi; What’s Your Take On This?

Charlie Hebdo Satirizes Photo Of Aylan Kurdi; What’s Your Take On This?
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The latest edition of the satirical French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, illustrated Aylan Kurdi lying face down in the sand under the caption “So Close To Goal.” There is also a mock advertisement for McDonald’s that reads “Two children menus for the price of one.” A second cartoon shows Jesus watching over Aylan while he drowns. The caption reads “Proof that Europe is Christian. Christians walk on water – Muslim children sink.”


Charlie Hebdo became internationally known when it was attacked by two gunmen in 2014, murdering its 12 staff including its editor and known cartoonist. At the time, the magazine drew cartoons of Muhammad.

According to a report from The Independent, the latest issue of the magazine with Aylan being the subject was drawn by an artist named Laurent Riss Sourisseau. Riss still has police escort up to this very day since the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2014.

Elsewhere, people are offended by the latest issue of the magazine. One of them is barrister Peter Herbert, Chair of the Society of Black Lawyers and former vice chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority. In a series of tweets, first reported by the Daily Mail, Herbert said, “Charlie Hebdo is a purely racist, xenophobic and ideologically bankrupt publication that represents the moral decay of France.” In another tweet, he said that “The Society of Black Lawyers will consider reporting this as incitement to hate crime & persecution before the International Criminal Court.”

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However, those who were offended by the satire seemed to have misinterpreted the context. As Breitbart pointed out, the cartoons were actually aimed at attacking the inaction of Europe and other countries and the hypocrisy of some of the Christians. Apparently, Christian Europe is still obsessed with consumerism even with the wakes of the migrant crisis according to Breitbart.

In a Facebook post, first reported by Brietbart, David Cameron’s extremism adviser, Maajid Nawaz, explained that Charlie Hebdo should not spark cries of Islamophobia. “Fellow Muslims, please, if you don’t get satire just *ask* someone before assuming an intelligent left-wing satirical magazine isn’t … satire. Taste is always in the eye of the beholder. But these cartoons are a damning indictment on our anti-refugee sentiment,” as per the post.

“The McDonald’s image is a searing critique of heartless European consumerism in the face of one of the worst human tragedies of our times. The image about Christians walking on water while Muslims drown is (so obviously) critiquing hypocritical European Christian “love”,” Nawaz further explained.

“Fellow Muslims, not everything and everyone are against us, every time. But if we keep assuming they are by reacting like this, they will surely become so,” he said.

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