CERN Human Sacrifice: Was There Murder Inside Nuclear Facility?

CERN Human Sacrifice: Was There Murder Inside Nuclear Facility?
Death in the hood Hodan of George / Public Domain Pictures Public Domain
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A video of a human sacrifice ritual at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) popped up recently on Facebook.


The video first appeared on a Pagan tribute page. There are Arabic writings on the page as well. According to Stranger Than Fiction News, which reported the video, the incident was nothing but a tribute to the Pagan statue of destruction at CERN, present in the footage.

The ordeal took place within the campus of the facility, specifically between building thirty-nine and forty. The narration in the video says that the venue, being a nuclear research facility, obviously had restricted access.

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Building thirty-nine is a hotel for nuclear scientists at the facility. The booking page of the hotel clearly states that a common citizen is not allowed in the hotel. On the other hand, building forty is an administrative building with different departments.

The narration also states that the footage was recorded from the third floor of building forty, thus proving that the video was recorded within the restricted boundaries of the nuclear facility. The contents of the video shows that the person recording the video is part of the scheme. This claim was made judging by the recorder’s attire, which is also a dark-hooded gown, a common uniform worn during occult rituals.

The major question now involves whether the footage is authentic, or a performance of a mock sacrifice. The footage zooms in on the murder so we could see a hooded figure stabbing a woman in the abdomen using a shiny knife.

CERN is known as the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, home of the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most powerful particle collider in the world, according to the official website.

However, the event is being considered a mock sacrifice ritual within the boundaries of the limited access facility. According to Snopes, the footage is fabricated. This is attributed to the fact that this particular nuclear facility had always been associated with conspiracies related to the occult, the opening of the portal to hell, UFOs, and more. But the most inauthentic part of the video is the misinformation about the statue.

The statue is of a Hindu god known as Lord Shiva, which was gifted by India after its association with the facility. However, the European Organization for Nuclear Research initiated an internal investigation into the video, although it was a hoax shot within the properties of the facility, according to Swiss Info.

“This video was filmed on our property but without the permission of our institution,” a spokesperson said.

“[CERN] does not endorse this kind of hoax, which may cause misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work”.

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