Celebrity Predictions 2016: Royal Wedding, Divorce & Deaths

Celebrity Predictions 2016: Royal Wedding, Divorce & Deaths
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Celebrity psychic medium Thomas John predicts a new Royal wedding, a divorce of a power couple and sadly, deaths of renowned celebrities. The famed clairvoyant previously predicted that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will divorce. He also saw the death of Whitney Houston and Etta James.


There are lots of celebrity psychics with celebrity predictions to boot. But John had been the word-of-mouth among Hollywood stars. In 2014, he predicted that the new royal baby will be a girl and will be named after Diana. John now gave new royal predictions for the upcoming years. Prince Harry will meet the “right girl” in 2016, John told RumorFix. He will then announce the royal engagement in the summer of 2017, John said.

With wedding predictions come divorce forecast. John said the end has finally come for Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2016. He saw a rumored scandalous affair finally being confirmed by the couple. In 2014, John told The Fashion Spot that this couple will stay together in 2015 despite turbulence.

John also predicted that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris will break up in 2016. The cause of the breakup will be a leak of scandalous images, John said.

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Justin Bieber, meanwhile, will be involved with a woman a bit older than him, John predicted. However, this looks like a short-lived affair as John saw him single for the most part of 2016.

While Miley Cyrus had been in the headlines in 2015 for controversial reasons, it seemed that she will be in the news again, but for an admirable decision. She will plan to adopt a child in 2016, John said.

John also made some bold predictions involving celebrity deaths in 2016. He saw the passing away of Hillary Clinton, Dolly Parton, Michael J Fox and Burt Reynolds.