Catastrophe Looms As 4 Earthquakes Hit In 48 Hours, More Aftershocks Expected

Catastrophe Looms As 4 Earthquakes Hit In 48 Hours, More Aftershocks Expected
Earthquake Japan Hikaru Kazushime / U.S. 6th Fleet/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

In just a matter of two days, at least three massive earthquakes have been recorded in separate areas, even reaching outside the earthquake-prone area called the Pacific Ring of Fire.


On Thursday, a 6.2 quake shook an island of Kyushu in southern Japan. The quake that jolted the Kumamoto Prefecture has left nine people dead as of writing. Minor aftershocks were still being recorded as of Thursday.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the Kyushu Island quake happened as “the result of strike-slip faulting at shallow depth.” The same earthquake has so far left 800 injured individuals, and roughly 45,000 people sought temporary shelters.

According to a report from the Japan Times, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already mobilized the country’s Self Defense Forces and other emergency teams to rescue individuals possibly trapped under collapsed houses or buildings.

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Experts warn that less intense but frequent aftershocks are expected in the next week. Collapsed houses, buildings, and public infrastructure are readily visible around Kyushu and other areas where the 6.2 quake was felt.

Meanwhile, University of Colorado seismologist Roger Bilham told the Express that at least four massive earthquakes are expected to happen anytime around the region. Thus, rapid rehabilitation of the devastated structures is highly advised.

“The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude. And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes,” was quoted as saying by the Express.

More than 500 miles away from Japan, several aftershocks were felt in India following the 6.2 Kyushu quake. Across Japan, a 5.9 earthquake was also recorded in the island country of Philippines. Both Japan and the Philippines lie along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a highly seismic part in the world.

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