‘Castle’ Season 9 Update: Stana Katic Replacement In Talks With Creators?

‘Castle’ Season 9 Update: Stana Katic Replacement In Talks With Creators?
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Although the hopes of “Caskett” fans of ever seeing a ninth installment of “Castle” pretty much died with the brutal season/series finale, some of the ongoing rumors, beg to differ. So, will Castle season 9 return, minus Stana Katic?


Castle Season 9 Renewal

Alternate endings of many popular series have been released in the past due to high demand from fans. Characters have come back from the dead to go on and lead lives that ended with “happily ever after” scenarios. Dreaming of a similar occurrence for the much-loved crime-drama Castle would not be an exaggeration.

Even though Castle season 9 has been cancelled by ABC, outrage and angry protests of loyal “Caskett” fans might lead the network to change its mind in the future. And if that were to happen, one thing is for certain: Stana Katic will no longer be a part of the show. So how is Castle supposed to go on without Kate Beckett?

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‘Castle’ new season

Ausiello of TV Line has come up with the perfect alternative. Since there is no way of reversing the events of ‘Castle’ season 8 finale, the best way to explain Kate Beckett’s absence from Castle’s life is to let the characters think that she is dead, while viewers are told that she is alive and in hiding because of LokSat. This would let producers avoid more heat from the enraged fans and simultaneously cover up Stana’s exit from the show.

A more bitter alternative, speculated by Carter Matt, is the “she dies, but he lives” scenario, where Castle survives the “Crossfire,” but Kate doesn’t. The series would, of course, have to skip ahead in time to show Castle dealing with the loss, since the creators probably don’t have flashback scenes filmed with Stana Katic.

But regardless of speculation, can Castle have a Season 9 without Stana Katic? Are the producers going to heed the request of fans and look for a replacement of the actress? Only time will tell.

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  • Jim45

    The issue with Castle isn’t Beckett, it’s pay. If Castle resurfaces, the press – THR, Variety, Forbes and the blogisphere – have article written and ready to go on how ABC and Castle discriminated against women by firing Katic and Tamala, but not the men. That incident and any show that remotely looks like Castle that comes out will be linked to Katic’s firing along with the treatment of Kathy Lee, Jennifer Lawrence and Robin Wright. Dungey saved ABC from more of that by canceling Castle. Anyone who brings it up in the near future is tone deaf on the real issue.

    • Charles Neale

      Jim45, you have that right and besides we saw the ending 7years in the future with kids.How do they get around that ?

  • Annie

    This article is poorly researched and based on misinterpreted rumors.

    1. The “Caskett” fans didn’t want a season 9, they wanted to the show to end with Caskett in tact with their happy ending, not separated, not one of them grieving and moving on.
    2. Ausiello’s “suggestion” was a rumor on how the show might have proceeded without Katic. It was one of the desperate suggestions the writers/show runners/whoever came up with to try to keep the viewers somewhat appeased.

    Any hope of a season 9 died when they fired Katic and Jones.