Castle Season 9 Cancelled: Stana Katic Fired, She’s To Blame After All?

Castle Season 9 Cancelled: Stana Katic Fired, She’s To Blame After All?
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The year has not been very lucky for Castle as its Season 9 faced cancellation by the ABC network, to the dismay of the fans. The decision followed the announcement that Stana Katic would not return for the season and up until now, many are wondering what is the true reason for her removal.  Was she fired?


Katic’s exit from the show was announced on April 18 and on May 12, the ABC declared that season 9 was cancelled. The finale of the previous season, which aired on May 16, showed Castle and Beckett raising their three children in a flash forward, the US Magazine reported.

When asked about the announcements, network president Channing Dungey said, “That’s a case where you have things running on two parallel tracks. We were always very upfront with the studio and the producers about the possibility that we might not be bringing the show back for a season 9. But the studio has to do what they need to do in order to prepare for the possibility of a season 9.”

But a new report is claiming it was because Katic was too demanding about her pay and the network can no longer afford her. Morning Ledger reported that the real reason behind her removal can be seen in her “inclusion in Forbes’ (sic.) 2016 list of highest paid TV actresses. Could this be it?

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She added, “So they did what they felt what they needed to do in order to be ready should they get the nod. And ultimately for us at the network, we did not feel that it was the right thing to do to order another season.”

According to a report by the Cinema Blend, Castle’s ratings had fallen sharply in Season 8. Although it would not be correct to call the ratings a huge disappointment, they were not up to the mark either.

The low ratings also created a budget issue for the series as well. As a show gets older, the budget for producing it also increases. In case of Castle, lower ratings meant fewer advertisement which made it tough to meet the required budget for running the show.

With Katic and Tamala Jones’ exit from the show, many fans felt there is nothing more left to the show. The backlash that resulted made ABC realise that it would not be a right decision to go ahead with the show.

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  • OClem

    The reason the ratings were down in the first place was because there weren’t enough Beckett/Caskett scenes all throught the season and too many Castle P.I (Hayley) scenes. How firing Stana was going to solve anything is beyond me.

    • will miss castle

      The writing changed toward the end and too many people were cast in the limelight.Focus left the two main characters. (Whether there was truth to the rumors of not getting along or not, the people who write and run the show should have dealt with the issue better instead of letting the actors dictate the events. Stana should have been making the money Fillion was making a lot earlier than in the 8th season. She was in just as many scenes and proved to be an integral part of the popularity of the show. It made me a fan of hers and I’m routing she gets her own show or becomes a part of another show on tv. I wish they did a little more with Victor Webster, the guy who played Josh. I remember him in other shows. He was a good actor.

      • OClem

        I agree! And I think most of what happened could have been avoided, had they not done the Loksat arc and opened the P.I office. Those were just plain useless. Bracken had been arrested and they should’ve left it at that. They could’ve found some other challenges for the characters to face. I get wanting to keep the show fresh or whatever, but I believe that even after 8season all people wanted was to see Castle and Beckett happy, moving forward together and solving cases with Ryan, Espo and Lanie.

        • will miss castle

          its just so sad the media and headlines like this headline made Stana Katic out as the fall guy and blamed her for the shows demise. The PI thing could have been ok if they kept it a friendly competition between the nypd and his pi business at least for a while anyway. ABC missed the mark with this one. can’t believe they couldn’t cough up money for a raise when some of their stuff on tv now is not worth watching.

  • David Roper

    The main reason the show went south was the departure of Andrew Marlowe and Terry Miller. The new show runners completely disrupted the entire story with ridiculous plot twists and story lines. The lack of the main ingredient in the show was its demise, the Castle and Beckett relationship and the interplay between them.

  • ChickenButt

    This story is a B.S. Smear of Ms. Katic based on a So-called “report” that she was a “Diva” and if she only would know her place and work for less the show would go on…?
    Really? Don’t think so. The Friends cast was paid $1 Million EACH per episode the last season and that didn’t break the bank.
    Nathan Fillion declared war on her because she was more popular, a better actor; hence his well known tantrum yelling “The show is called Castle! NOT Beckett!” But the show was about Beckett from the beginning. The only Diva here is Nathan Fillion.
    So as to this new revised history of events…who would benifit most from smearing Stana Katic as the blame for the end of the show? Well; ABC graciously thanked Stana for her years of hard work on the series and stated they hoped for a long future working with her on future projects. Nathan got a short ‘Good luck and good bye’ and that’s all.
    Sounds like “someone” wants to re-write history to their benifit by this smear…someone bitter over their failure to compete…I smell an aging male actor who is now peddeling a boring internet show at his own expense to no avail!
    Say goodnight, Mr. Fillion. And show some class as you leave the room. At least try to. If not: STFU.

    • JG

      Where r the facts? this is opposite of what ppl who know both actors say. The truth is that no one knows what happened and as some are taking this reasoning (stana being at fault) as truth, you’ve done the same with the rumors blaming fillion. Its ridiculous to think fillion is forcing this angle as is your implication with the “ABC graciously thanked Stana ……Nathan got a short ‘Good luck and good bye’…. statement because Nathan just got hired on another ABC drama so…….

      • will miss castle

        i agree that no one knows what really happened and it is tough to blame both actors not knowing all the facts but the change of writing and perhaps the change of chemistry between the two actors did seem different but i still think ABC could have continued to make money off the show if they treated actors as equals. To say they couldn’t afford the money just makes me laugh.