‘Castle’ Season 9 Cancelled, But Nikki Heat Novels Continue To Roll Out

‘Castle’ Season 9 Cancelled, But Nikki Heat Novels Continue To Roll Out
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After breaking the hearts of millions of fans by canceling season 9 of “Castle,” the creators now hope to redeem themselves by releasing the last two Nikki Heat novels.


‘Castle’ Season 9

Even though there was just a glimmer of hope that “Castle” could have continued with a replacement of Stana Katic, ABC stomped on that hope by blatantly announcing the cancellation of the series a while back. This led the creators of the show to redesign the finale of season 8 to remotely resemble a series finale. From the open-ended and almost nonsensical season 8 finale of “Castle,” it was apparent that the creators were not ready to bid farewell to the series.

Since the creators had no inkling of the fact that the series would be canceled by the network, they had gone ahead and ordered the next two installments of the Nikki Heat novels. In a ridiculous turn of events, while the season 8 finale of the TV series might have killed off the main leads of the show, they are still alive in the upcoming novels, “High Heat” and “Heat Storm”!

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Nikki Heat novels

“High Heat” comes out on October 25. It tells a terrorist group similar to ISIS beheading a New York City journalist and targeting Heat’s husband, Jameson Rook, who will be seen supporting an independent Presidential candidate, Legs Kline.

“Heat Storm” is next in line, scheduled to release next year in the spring. Seven other Nikki Heat novels have been released so far, and all of them have been featured in The New York Times Bestsellers’ list, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The first novel was released about the same time “Castle” premiered on television, as part of a modern concept by the creators to blur the lines between fiction and the real world. This is probably why the novels were released under the fictional name Richard Castle, the protagonist of the show.

When Entertainment Weekly confronted showrunner Andrew Marlowe about it back in 2009, during the release of the first Nikki Heat novel, “Heat Wave,” he refused to fess up.

“Richard Castle [is the writer]. The roguishly handsome best-selling author of the Derek Storm mystery series. He’s charming, He’s a good writer. And I don’t know why you are trying to take credit away from him. The guy worked hard on it.”

Even though there will no longer be “Castle” on television, Richard Castle’s legacy lives on through his Nikki Heat novels.

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