‘Castle’ Season 8 Makes The Impossible Possible; Will There Be A Reunion?

‘Castle’ Season 8 Makes The Impossible Possible; Will There Be A Reunion?
Nathan Fillion vagueonthehow / Flickr CC BY 2.0

One of TV’s favorite couples parted ways in the latest episode of “Castle” season 8. The episode aired on September 28 showed Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) leaving her husband Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) which is considered to be one of the least expected breakups on television.


Kate had a mysterious force coming after her, which she escaped lately. However, she decided that she cannot put Castle’s life in danger and thus decided to go away. Rick, on the other hand, is not sure about her departure which left him quite upset.

Castle co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter has put some light on the new storyline. As people are disappointed to see Beckett on a journey without her husband, showrunners are also concerned.

Terence said in an interview, “There are things we’ve been able to do in the following episodes that we would not be able to even broach, now that we’ve created this new paradigm in their relationship. And it’s created some really fantastic results.”

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Terence also mentioned, “So we have a real plan for how to guide through this new path, and we really do believe it’s going to be something that will be satisfying overall. If people give us a chance, they’re going to really — hopefully — appreciate the journey that we’re going on.”

According to another showrunner of “Castle” season 8, Alexi Hawley, Rick is going to take the separation as a challenge. He will be taking it in a positive way and will be determined to win Kate back in his life.

Winter puts up more questions to be solved in the season 8. “What does it do to you to have an obsession for all your adult life? You put Bracken in jail but can you really just move on, or have you been affected on a DNA level?”

Winter has also assured fans that in every episode the duo will end up working together. But what would be the end result will be revealed in the coming episodes.