‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 4 Spoilers: Castle Tries To Get His Wife Back

‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 4 Spoilers: Castle Tries To Get His Wife Back
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Season 8 of “Castle” has been enjoying good viewership since the start, and as the show is approaching its 4th episode the mercury is getting higher. In the 2nd episode we saw that Beckett had blown up their marriage and was keen to find the killer of her mother. In the 3rd episode, the couple again came together just to solve a case at hand. However, Castle kept hoping to get his wife back and the split was not going very well with him. Here are some “Castle” season 8 spoilers to tell you what to expect next.


It has already been clarified by the showrunners that the couple will not get a divorce. So even if viewers thought that Kate meant to get a divorce, she only decided on the separation only to keep Rick safe. Alexi Hawley also acknowledged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that fans did not react well with the separation of the couple and she also made it clear that it is only their way of strengthening the bond between the two.

Focusing on the storyline of the series, the separation of the duo was indeed necessary, but it is only temporary. Viewers can rest assured that their favorite couple is not going to split anytime soon.

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Viewers waited long for the couple to tie the knot, and it was only season 7 when they finally decided to wed. Then after tying the knot it took only two episodes for the pair to separate, which frustrated viewers.

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However, in the 3rd episode, “PhDead,” the couple appeared okay working together even after the separation. So we can expect to see more of Castle trying to get his wife back in the next episodes while the duo concentrates on solving the case.

Castle season 8 is aired on ABC on Monday.