‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 3: Castle Disguises Himself As Professor To Investigate Case

‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 3: Castle Disguises Himself As Professor To Investigate Case
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Castle season 8 has taken an uncanny turn after Kate decided to part ways from her husband just for his safety. However, the couple ends up working together in every episode and if the spoilers are to be believed, we can expect them to do this all the time.


In the recent turn of the events, a college student gets gruesomely killed. Castle decides to go undercover as a professor to find the culprit. While on the case, Castle and Beckett find out that there are some dark secrets in the college.

The promo of “Castle” suggests that Castle will be relishing his professional acting gig. The undercover work is somehow unsolicited, too. Beckett does not want to get her husband in any sort of trouble so she wants him to stay away from the case. She fails in doing so.

The episode titled “PhDead” will bring new characters onscreen. They include a mysterious woman in a green dress who doesn’t look like a student. She is shown handcuffed for some reason.

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Castle and Beckett are going to have a hard time finding out who is behind all these. The couple now stay separately in two different parts of the town. The question arises as to why Kate chooses to live separately when she will be working with Castle. Guess the showrunners have better answers to this question.

The episode “PhDead” is going to be aired on October 5 at 10 p.m. on ABC.