Cars With Artificial Intelligence – Toyota, Microsoft Make It Happen

Cars With Artificial Intelligence – Toyota, Microsoft Make It Happen

Cars are going to get smarter if Toyota and Microsoft would have anything to do with it. Recently, the two companies announced a unique partnership wherein your car connects intuitively with your everyday life.


For Toyota, the first step is to create a brand new company called Toyota Connected Inc. The giant vehicle manufacturer said this new business will become a “data science hub.”

Moreover, Toyota Connected Chief Connected Officer and Toyota Motor North America Chief Information Officer Zack Hicks also said that the new company “will help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity.”

To be able to better humanize technology, Toyota has decided to team up with Microsoft and more specifically, its Azure cloud computing platform. With the help of Azure, Toyota Connected will be able to utilize telematics services in order to discover a customer’s habits and preferences.

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Not only that, the newly formed company is also looking at a future when use-based insurance pricing models would respond to the driver’s actual driving patterns and vehicle networks would readily give traffic updates to others. This means drivers get to be more in tuned with everything going on around them, but they are never too distracted to drive safely.

Toyota Connected is now based in Plano, Texas. Microsoft said it shall provide “continuous engineering support.” The new company was actually formed in response to Toyota Motor Corporation’s goal to re-organize itself into more product-based companies. Today, Toyota Connected is said to be already providing data and computer science services across Toyota’s various operations.

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