Caroline’s Pregnancy Revealed By ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers

Caroline’s Pregnancy Revealed By ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers
♡ pregnant Janine / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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“The Bold and the Beautiful” is moving towards a phase where relationships will be complex. The recent spoilers of the show suggest that Caroline will be showing signs of pregnancy and Brook will try to win Ridge back.


With the ongoing morning sickness, it is difficult for Caroline to pretend that there is nothing wrong with her. Charlie and Pam will be speculating about the baby and the other members of the office are also curious about everything.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers also suggest that this time, Wyatt is serious about Ivy and he is ready to do anything for her. He tries to give her some happy moments by putting a little striptease show but it has no impact on the relationship between Steffy and Ivy.

Ivy is excited about becoming the lingerie model for the company. She is excited to be part of the shoot but she may fail due to lack of confidence. While Liam comes in to help her regain confidence, it may become a reason of conflict between Liam and Wyatt.

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We have already mentioned that Nicole is considering the topic of being a surrogate mother to Maya’s baby. At the same time, Zenda and Nicole are getting close to each other. In between all these, the parents of the two sisters arrive and they have to say something on the matter of surrogacy. Would that change Nichole’s outlook or will she be more confident in becoming a surrogate mother?

There are so much that’s going happen in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Stay tuned as we bring you more news from the show.