‘Captain Marvel’ Movie: Brie Larson In Carol Danvers Suit Is Stunning!

‘Captain Marvel’ Movie: Brie Larson In Carol Danvers Suit Is Stunning!
Meet your Captain Marvel: Brie Larson! Captain Marvel / Facebook
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Since the official announcement at SDCC, MCU fans are excited to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in her upcoming stand alone movie. The actress will be playing an empowering fictional role as Carol Danvers, one of the strongest superheroine in Marvel Universe.


While the movie is still months away from beginning its initially production plans, MCU fans are expecting some teasing details on Brie Laron’s superheroine costume. Although Marvel Studios won’t revealing it any soon, fan artists have been busy creating their own versions.

Recently, we came across a new image of Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel suit. The digitally altered picture was first spotted on reddit. The actress is wearing the new version of Carol Danver’s suit and fans would definitely agree it looks aesthetic than expected.

The image can be seen below. Various fan-arts have been created since Marvel Studios confirmed Brie Larson as the main protagonist for the movie. the 26 year old actress has also been embracing her new project by sharing her rejoice on twitter.

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Brie Larson also recently shared a picture of herself in the costume, reading Captain Marvel comics. the actress has been actively sharing her updates through her social media channel.

Captain Marvel movie is still yet to choose its director and other supporting cast members. Recently, a source also revealed that a new female director has been chosen under the shortlist name.

Marvel Studios is progressing slow with its plans for the first female stand alone movie. Furthermore, it was also revealed that the studio won’t be starting its production any soon. Unfortunately, it looks like MCU fans would have to wait longer for any official news details on Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel movie will be releasing on March 8th, 2019. Currently, MCU fans are aware than Kevin Feige will be producing the title.

My turn, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel [re-post to imgur] from marvelstudios

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