Captain America As Hydra Agent A Publicity Stunt?

Captain America As Hydra Agent A Publicity Stunt?
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Marvel Comics’ recent reveal was a direct blow to the heart of comics fans. Exposing Captain America, the greatest noble superhero ever, as an undercover Hydra agent might be a plot reveal even comic theorists couldn’t have imagined. But should we actually believe what just happened?


Captain America Hydra twist could be a ruse

The recent Captain America: Steven Rogers No 1 unveiled our hero uttering “Hail Hydra” and glimpses of his memories linking him to Hydra from the start. It pretty much sums up that he is a supervillian wearing a mask of a false hero. However, this could all be the publisher’s strategy to liven up the new plot.

Through the years, we have seen our Marvel superheroes facing identity crises by being mind-controlled, or turning out to be an android. The second issue would probably give us a tease at the end, suggesting Rogers to be under the influence of someone or something. Even Vox reported it could all be a “ruse.” But here’s what Nice Spencer (Captain America Writer) had to say about the theory during his interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Issue 2 will lay a lot of our cards on the table in terms of what the new status quo is, but the one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.

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The official confirmation from Spencer might have brought down many fans’ hopes, but let us remind you that this currently seems to be a trend in the entertainment industry. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones was believed to be dead, thanks to confirmation from producers in the show; some of them also suggested there were scientific hints in his pupils during his death. But it eventually turned out to be false.

Gizmodo also suggests that it could be in fact Red Skull planting false memories in Steve’s mind. Remember when he stole Professors X’s power? Various websites across the internet are suggesting it could be plot twist that is fixable depending on the fans’ reactions. So, we might as well wait and hope that our superhero is still on our side, rather than fight against the Avengers in Civil War II.

If you’re looking for more “feels,” take a look at a fan created poster of Chris Evan’s as Captain Hydra!

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