‘Captain America: Civil War’ Scarlet Witch: A Villain In infinity War?

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Scarlet Witch: A Villain In infinity War?
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The newly turned protagonist Wanda Maximoff a.k.a Scarlet Witch became a fan favourite after her role in Captain America: Civil War. However, it has been recently hinted that she hasn’t completely become a superheroine yet.


It was recently revealed by costume designer Judianna Makovksy that the Russo Brothers didn’t want Scarlet Witch in a shiny superhero costume like Captain America. Joe and Anthony Russo believe that she still hasn’t completely become an Avenger.

According to IGN Makovksy said, “I think she is not really a superhero yet in the minds of the Russo brothers, the directors, she’s just a young girl who doesn’t know what she is yet.”

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While designing Actress Elizabeth Olsen’s superhero suit for Captain America: Civil War, the directors wanted to make sure that the transition of Scarlet Witch becoming into a superhero could be seen in her costume. Makovksy also explained that, “We decided it needed to be more clothes-based than superhero-based for this script,”

It looks like the Russo Brothers have also teased the Marvel fans to expect few tweaks to Scarlet Witch suit in her next appearance in MCU. As of now, Joe and Anthony Russo are busy with their schedule for Avengers: Infinity War.

Earlier it was revealed that Steve Rogers won’t wear his iconic suit and shield in Avengers: infinity War. Moreover,  the Winter Solider has also bee confirmed for the movie.

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Recently, the directors were also part of an interview for the promotion of Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray edition. During their talk they hinted that Brie Larson could appear as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Digital HD version of Captain America: Civil War will be available on September 2nd. Furthermore, Fans waiting to grab the Blu-ray 3D and DVD copy would have to wait till its release on September 13th.

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