‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is The Best Marvel Movie Ever? Twitter Users Say Yes!

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is The Best Marvel Movie Ever? Twitter Users Say Yes!
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It looked like “Captain America: Civil War” has been the “talk-of-the-town” since it was first rumored to be shown.  Just a week before its release in the big screens, the much- awaited Marvel film gained the most tweets surpassing all the other Marvel superhero movies.


The movie industry has definitely  put to good use this generation’s love for social media. Advertising on social media could also help them in determining if their film would definitely gain more audience on its official release just by looking at how many would be talking about the film. Among the different social media, Twitter has been the most used, where people could express their ideas and opinions  on certain things.

In a report by The Wrap, Marvels’ “Captain America: Civil War” has dominated Twitterverse and surpassed its other superhero movies like “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

From April 21 to April 27, posts about the film was up to 342,765 tweets while “Ultron” only garnered 255,625 in the same seven- day period before its release. “Guardians” on the otherhand had 128,199 tweets in the same period pattern in 2014 and “Avengers” had 107,125 tweets in 2012.

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According to Comic Book, Shawn Robbins, BoxOffice.com senior analyst said, “‘Civil War’s’ social media impact is arguably the most impressive yet from Marvel, and that’s saying something given their remarkable history.”

He added, “Stellar reviews, strong anticipation, and the early international release are driving a kind of event-level buzz only previously seen in the MCU by the ‘Avengers’ and ‘Iron Man’ films. The hero-versus-hero dynamic is something fans have been waiting for, and it looks to set this film apart as the ultimate payoff to the delicate Steve Rogers/Tony Stark friendship — a turning point which Marvel has spent the better part of a decade earning through strong character development across their library of films.”

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