Captain America: Civil War A ‘Psychological Thriller,’ But Is Funnier Than Predecessor

Captain America may have a serious story, but the directors have assured that the new installment will be funnier than its predecessor.


Speaking with Collider, Directors Joe and Anthony Russo said that the newest and upcoming Captain America installment, Civil War, is more of a “psychological thriller,” but it will be funnier than Winter Soldier.

“There’s a good portion of [Civil War] that’s actually funnier than Winter Soldier, because there are characters in that film, that come from worlds where the tone is more comedic,” the directors were quoted as saying. “Not all the characters in that movie have the same history as the Avengers. They’re coming at the problem of the film, not embedded with that baggage. They’re not tied to the central arc of the movie with the same motivation as the other characters, so they can be lighter. I think there are a lot lighter moments because there are much darker moments as well. We did have to work very hard at that.”

Talking about Spider-Man’s introduction in the movie, the directors said Peter Parker will be in high school and is just getting started as a superhero. Speaking about their reason to include Spidey among the line of crimefighters from the Marvel Universe, the directors said it was their “favorite character.”

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“And to get a chance to reinvent that character…For me, I really wanted to see somebody cast who was very close to a high schooler’s age…What was so valuable to me about the character, when I was a kid, is that he’s a high schooler with this power and responsibility, and it makes him very distinct as a hero. It makes him distinct from the other characters in the Marvel Universe, who are confident, experienced superheroes,” they said.

Joe and Anthony were also asked about the third and last installment of the Avengers – The Infinity War. As a two-part movie, it will revolve around the rift between Captain America, played by Chris Evans, and Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr. amid political interference in the Avengers’ missions. The movie will be shot on IMAX cameras.

Civil War – nicknamed Avengers 2.5, Cinema Blend notes – features almost all Marvel heroes, and a few more. The movie hits theaters on May 6 this year, according to Marvel’s website; and in addition to Evans and Downey Jr., will have Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, and Paul Rudd as Scott Lang.

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