‘Captain America: Civil War’ Promo Art Reveals Steve Rogers’ Lover Has His Back

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Promo Art Reveals Steve Rogers’ Lover Has His Back
Captain America: Civil War via Facebook

Captain America: Civil War is one of the most anticipated movies of the Marvel Comics franchise, and the marketing team has released a promotional art that shows Captain Steve Rogers’ lover teaming up with the anti-government team.


As reported by Heroic Hollywood, the latest promotional art for “Captain America: Civil War” shows a ton of new characters from the Marvel Universe and which sides they are on. Aside from the Avengers franchise characters, Agent 13, The Vision and War Machine, among others, join the battle against the government.

Actress Emily VanCamp of “Revenge” initially confirmed that she will partake in “Captain America: Civil War.” As reported by ET Online, VanCamp revealed that she will play the character Sharon Carter. She also revealed which side she will be on: beside Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) or Captain Steve Rogers A.K.A. Captain America (Chris Evans)?

She stated, “She’s definitely Team Captain America. That’s why she is within the universe, I mean, she’s always had his back.” Judging from the comics itself, Carter and Rogers had a romantic history, the former being the niece of agent Peggy Carter, also Rogers’ love interest while he was still young.

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VanCamp’s character allegedly plays a junior book editor who had a devastating history. The actress expounded further with regards to her role and said, “Going through those struggles as a kid – the fact that you can overcome it, you can sort of move past it and let it go and ultimately, in a strange way, forgive – I think that’s very empowering.” She continued, “I think it’s also interesting to see that vulnerable side of women as well. It was interesting, as an actress, to tackle that.”

Seems like “Captain America: Civil War” will have a romantic side apart from the war between close friends. As reported by Comic Book Sources, VanCamp revealed that she and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will have a fight scene and would stick with Captain America all the way through.

Catch “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters in May 6, 2016, and witness how Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter’s love history play in the battle between Marvel Comics greatest superheroes.