‘Captain America’ Civil War Leaked Images Show Sides; Who’s With Who?; Team Tony Stark And Team Steve Rogers [Spoilers]

‘Captain America’ Civil War Leaked Images Show Sides; Who’s With Who?; Team Tony Stark And Team Steve Rogers [Spoilers]
Captain America Civil War from http://www.comicbookmovie.com/

Since the leak of the “Captain America” trailer last D23 Expo, fans have not really gotten the gist of what’s going to happen in the next installment of the movie. Movie fans know that a civil war is rising, but who among the Avengers characters are siding with whom?

We now all know there will be two camps: Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. But we are all in the dark as to who will take the red side or the blue side. Good thing a leak of the poster concept went out via YouTube and Twitter on Thursday.


The leakage came out on the website ComicBookMovie.com where Mr Sunday Movies wrote about the images of the movie’s concept. He posted a video on YouTube with an article published on their website, where he also writes as a reporter. In the video, Mr Sunday Movies said the images were given to him anonymously, and he didn’t steal them from somewhere.

The images were then tweeted by Captain America star, Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye. This made the images all the more accurate.

Based on the photos, Team Iron Man has Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision and War Machine, while Team Captain America has BFF Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye, Sam Wilson, Ant-Man and Sharon Carter.

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Mr Sunday Movies expressed his surprise that Sharon Carter will play such a prominent role in the movie. This makes the movie all the more interesting and exciting.

Now, is everything revealed in the photos? Sadly, no. The producers have left out some interesting characters in this leakage. Spiderman, Scarlet Witch and Bruce Banner are missing in the images. Could it be that the next leakages will contain them and let slip which sides they’re on?

Find out on the next episodes of the Captain America leakage saga.

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