‘Captain America: Civil War’ Star Chris Hemsworth Speaks About His Allegiance

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Star Chris Hemsworth Speaks About His Allegiance
Captain America (Steve Rogers) marvelousRoland / Flickr CC
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Chris Hemsworth, who is playing Thor in “Captain America: Civil War,” addressed the question if the Avenger is on Captain America’s side or Iron Man.


In a Facebook video posted by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, the actor did not take sides on the conflict between the two heroes.

“Hemsworth basically brushes the entire thing off as a children’s squabble. After all, how big of a deal can it be if the two most powerful Avengers – Thor and Hulk – weren’t even invited?” Comic Book noted.

The report also added that Thor and Hulk will have their own film, “Thor: Ragnarok,” to be shown next year.

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Wired said that Captain America and Iron Man’s conflict started when the soldier decided to go against UN oversight. This, after he saw how people in the government abused their power.

However, Tony Stark, out of his guilt over creating Ultron and the damage it has done to a country, opted to partner with the UN oversight. This made the Avengers take sides.

Oliver Franklin-Wallis of Wired said, “Civil War isn’t just arguably the best Marvel Studios film to date, it’s also a turning point for the franchise, and a daunting new benchmark for future films in the genre to overcome.”

Meanwhile, Robbie Collins of The Daily Telegraph said that “Captain America: Civil War” presents “cinematic superhero showdown you’ve been waiting for.”

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” is set to hit the giant screens on April 29.

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