‘Captain America: Civil War’ Big Death Revealed?

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Big Death Revealed?
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A “Captain America: Civil War” trailer was revealed during Super Bowl 50 this week and it has fans guessing as to what the chant “divided we fall” actually means. To make things clearer, a report theorized that a major character in the upcoming film may end up dead. Is this what the phrase means?


Several rumors surfaced saying that a major character will die in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.” In fact, directors of the film incorporated hints that death would occur in the film, as reported by Geek.com. In fact, the source revealed that the production team had to do a re-filming last January and altered some scenes from the upcoming movie as well.

The fact gave rise to speculations saying that “Captain America: Civil War” makers may have incorporated the death of one of the lead characters in the film during the re-shoo.

Based on the comic series, Captain Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, would turn himself to authorities – the mark of the end of the conflict between heroes. Furthermore, he also died in the said Marvel Comics series.

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In other news, Cinema Blend reports that casualties would be incorporated in the movie and that such casualties would be a game-changer in the franchise. The report indicates that one of the casualties may be related to Captain America and that he would die by Crossbones’ hands. Was this situation the highlight of the re-shoot the movie’s filmmakers incorporated last January?

Although these theories are not confirmed, actor Frank Grillo revealed that Crossbones will not follow the plot of the Marvel Comics franchise. Furthermore, it was hinted that Captain America will survive in “Captain America: Civil War” because actor Chris Evans have already confirmed his appearance in “Avengers: Infinity Wars.” However, another theory points out that he may be resurrected after “Captain America: Civil War.”

“Captain America: Civil War” arrives this May 5, 2016. Will Captain Steve Rogers survive the clash among Marvel Comics’ best heroes?