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Cancer Cure: Joe Biden To Announce Tools To Fight Cancer?

Cancer Cure: Joe Biden To Announce Tools To Fight Cancer?
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Cancer Cure: Joe Biden To Announce Tools To Fight Cancer?

“Cancer Moonshot” Blue Ribbon Panel headed by vice president Joe Biden has released ten recommendations for accelerating a new nationwide effort to ‘end cancer as we know it’!

These initiatives which are focused mainly in U.S. will definitely help in extending the lives of some of the cancer patients in the future.

According to Daily Mail, about half of the total cancer and cases in the world are actually preventable. For example- cervical cancer is the fourth leading cause for cancer among women and lung and liver cancer are the most common causes of deaths all around the world. We already know how to prevent these types of cancers.

Biden is expected to tell the president Obama on Monday about the new urgency infused by the administration’s cancer moonshot effort to fight against the disease. But there are challenges too, like a lack of coordination among the researchers, slow dissemination of information about the new treatments and others.

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According to The Washington Post, Biden is expected to deliver the final report of Moonshot in an Oval official meeting. It will feature an array of new government and private actions which are designed to accelerate the progress in this direction.

It will also include a letter to the president which will describe the impact of Biden’s son Beau’s death from brain cancer in the year 2015. It will also include the recommendations on gauging the research breakthroughs and improvement in the area of patient care over the next 5 years.

Biden also wrote, “During his son’s illness, Biden and his wife met many oncologists and researchers and they were lastly convinced from the fact that even if they could not save their son, the science, technology and medicine are progressing so fast that in future countless other sons and daughters will be saved.”

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