Canadian Teen Killed Over Smartphone Tracking, Police On Manhunt

Canadian Teen Killed Over Smartphone Tracking, Police On Manhunt
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It turned fatal for Jeremy Cook, an 18-year-old teen, while locating a smartphone using a mobile tracking app.


The Canadian teen left his phone in a cab in London, Ontario while traveling. On Sunday morning, when he found the phone using the tracking app in a fast-food restaurant, he tried to confront the three men in a car outside.

Ken Steeves, local police constable, told the AFP, “He approached the vehicle and it’s safe to say a conversation occurred, but the phone wasn’t turned over to him.”

The three men attempted to drive the car and leave when Cook grabbed them. He was hanging on to the driver’s side door, as reported by CNet. Later, police found his body with multiple gunshot wounds. The location was close to Huron Street and Highbury Avenue and the incident took place at 5:15 a.m. ET.

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The car involved in the scene was found abandoned. The car had hit a fence and a telephone pole. The smartphone was also found close to it.

According to the police, the three men were aged between 18 and 21. Cook did not know his attackers. He was accompanied by his sister when the whole incident took place.

As per the CBC news report, the three men are not found yet, but police is running a thorough search.

The news of a teen killed after smartphone tracking has created panic among other app users. Police has made it clear that there is no problem using an app that is meant for tracking lost devices. It’s all in the human head. However, it is also essential to inform the police in case a device is lost.

The case of Jeremy Cook is certainly a sad one, and with violence increasing every day, it is better to be safe.

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    You forgot to mention the 3 scum were black didn’t you? It would have been your headline if it was a White killed a Black