Canadian Model Killing ISIS Reveals Truth About Turkey

Canadian Model Killing ISIS Reveals Truth About Turkey
Hat from Pixabay
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A former Canadian model who is now with the female battalion fighting the ISIS has revealed that the terrorist group is purely propaganda. The real fight is not against them but against who they work for: against Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Hanna Bohman, who is also known as Tiger Sun in the YPJ, said that ISIS was so far “mostly been a disappointment” to her. Before joining the female battalion, she had the impression that the terrorist organization was frightening. However, the group had been successful to make themselves appear bigger and scarier because of their social media propaganda.

“Their numbers don’t seem that big and they’re eager to run away. They’re not some giant, holy juggernaut of ultimate damnation for unbelievers. They’re just a bunch of filthy, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging pigs who run away at the first sign of resistance. Really nothing more than a thorn inside,” Bohman told the Business Insider in an exclusive interview. She also made the bombshell allegation that the real fight is not against the ISIS but who it works for. “Turkey’s genocidal Erdogan who will eventually turn Turkey into a dictatorship while trying to kill off Kurds,” she said.

In an October interview with the Vice, the 46-year-old former model said Turkey has an active campaign to censor anything on the Internet. Hence, she does not maintain social media accounts. “You can’t post a map of Kurdistan. I’m being targeted by ISIS supporters and Turkish nationalists who report my account. Turkes were attacking me on Instagram, one guy said he would enjoy raping my ass after ISIS cut my head off,” she said.

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Nevertheless, fighting the ISIS, which she called the Satanic State, is a dream come true for her. “Not that I dreamed of killing people, but that I am now truly useful. I’m actually contributing to the betterment of other people’s lives,” she marveled.