Apple Inc iPhone7, 7s Camera Technology To Be ‘Killer’ Features – Report

Apple Inc iPhone7, 7s Camera Technology To Be ‘Killer’ Features – Report
LinX Imaging Technology LinX Presentation

It’s no secret that Apple has been struggling to drum up sales for the iPhone 6 and 6s. Some reports have pointed that sales for these smartphones are slumping as the phones themselves do not give buyers much of a reason to make the purchase.


There is special feature that compels customers to switch to the new iPhone model. Well, it only makes sense that Apple would not want the same market feedback for the upcoming iPhone 7. In fact, rumor has it that the tech company is looking to use a special camera technology to set the iPhone 7 or 7s apart from the rest.

Hopes are high for the iPhone7, 7s to up the ante when it comes to the camera technology. This new camera might as well be “coupled with a newer, much more advanced image signal processor baked into the A11 chip,” The Motley Fool says. The report noted that Cowen and Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri revealed recently that Apple Inc now has its hands on an OLED display technology.

Back in April last year, Apple Inc. quietly acquired LinX Computational Imaging Ltd, an Israeli company that specializes in multi-aperture cameras for a wide range of mobile devices. Back then, the tech company had confirmed its acquisition to The Wall Street Journal, explaining that they tend to buy smaller technology companies without discussing its purpose or plans. LinX was said to have been acquired by Apple for $20 million.

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According to a presentation made by LinX back in 2014, its array cameras have the ability to produce SLR like images while being able to keep the pixel size small. Moreover, since it’s using more than one camera lens, the LinX array cameras are able to capture sharp images even when they are taken at low-light levels. That means having excellent image quality regardless of whether you’re taking photos indoors and outdoors.

Should Apple decide to put the LinX array cameras in the iPhone 7 or 7s, the company may have greater success in winning over customers currently saying there’s nothing special about iPhone 6 and 6s at all.

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