Can Apple Make Listeners Switch To ‘Apple Music’ With The Help Of Android?

Can Apple Make Listeners Switch To ‘Apple Music’ With The Help Of Android?

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly competing with each other for the number 1 position, but they are helping each other climb the ladder of success. It looks like none can survive without the other.


Earlier, the fight was about offering customers the best of unique features, and now, the condition is such that companies are selling devices by signing deals with one another and offering customers already-existing services popular among users. This time, Apple and Google’s Android are in the news for the same purpose.

Mobile Geek, a German website, has leaked screenshots that hints that Apple Music is coming to Android phones. If we believe the buzz, Apple is working on an Android app for Apple Music. The app is said to be similar to the ones that work on Apple devices and will have:

i. Beats 1 Radio,
ii. access to the Apple Music catalog
iii. Recommendation engine which will help users to find new tunes

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The company’s music streaming service, though popular, is not reaching the number of customers it plans to reach. Hence, it is moving to Android to obtain as many customers as it can. This is not the first time Apple has taken Android’s help to get customers for Apple products. ‘Move to iOS was its first step, but it did not work well for the company. Released with an intention to make Android users switch to iOS, Android fans ignored it. It only helped the ones who had already decided to buy an iPhone. As the music app isn’t asking for more, it has the chances of impressing Android users and giving Apple Music a good number of listeners.