Cam Newton Shows Zero Grace In Defeat

Cam Newton Shows Zero Grace In Defeat
Cam Newton Parker Anderson / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Cam Newton entered Super Bowl 50 with a target on his back. Ever since he entered the league in 2011, the talented quarterback was hailed as arrogant and brash.


Regardless of his past reputation, America was beginning to embrace him. After accepting Newton as the new MVP and the face of football, there was a feeling that the young stud was finally curbing some of his mannerisms.

A few days before Super Bowl 50, Cecil Newton Sr. appeared on ESPN First Take and spoke highly of his son’s willingness to become a respectable athlete. “I just spend a lot of time pouring character into them (with my children) … being a good person. Commit yourself to that, which is by not expecting something for nothing. Don’t embrace phony stuff. Be who you are. And this is product of who Cam (Newton) is evolving into.”

Walking out of presser…

Fine speech, dad. But Cam Newton didn’t show any class after his Carolina Panthers got crushed by the Denver Broncos Sunday night. Newton refused to accept the defeat gracefully, abruptly walked out of the post-game press conference and refused to credit the Broncos for the victory.

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Newton, who was sacked seven times during the contest, said that “there was nothing special about what they (Broncos) did.” All his answers were confined to a word or two. He walked out of the press conference declaring “I’m done.”

The New York Times summed it up beautifully: “Newton, 26, an ebullient, intelligent, gifted quarterback, decided to act in his moment of truth like a 13-year-old. He slouched into the interview room late, well after many of his teammates — rookies and veterans alike — who gamely answered painful questions.”

Cam Newton has refused to honor the same sports journalists who voted him as NFL MVP. Newton hasn’t done any favors towards improving his previously damaged public image.