Cam Newton Girlfriend And Family: Offended By His ‘Color Neutral’ Stance?

Cam Newton Girlfriend And Family: Offended By His ‘Color Neutral’ Stance?
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been known for his outspokenness when it came to the subject of race. But following Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem stance, he chose to remain neutral.


This has, however, not gone down well with many of his fans, as they took to Twitter on Friday to express their disappointment. Newton’s neutral stance on Kaepernick action is something that many of his fans had least expected of him, especially after being so vocal on the issue of racism.

“I’m an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to,” he had said in the past as he led the Panthers to SuperBowl 50, as quoted by the Vibe.

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Kaepernick recently created controversy by refusing to stand for the National Anthem before an NFL match. Cam Newton in response said that everyone is the same colour under the skin — which may have insulted his fans, girlfriend, and even family.

“How does one-eighth of an inch — something so small — be the difference in such a big (subject)? And that’s the thickness of our skin: one-eighth of an inch. And under that we’re all the same color. You know? And that’s the big picture,” he told ESPN, as quoted by Fox Sports.

He added that he is no one to judge whether Kaepernick was wrong and that everyone has the right to express their thoughts.

“You know, a lot of scrutiny happens when athletes start talking about, you know, race, but the truth of the matter is we gotta do right by each other. No matter what color we are,” he said. “Who am I to say ‘Colin, you’re wrong’? And who am I to say ‘Bro, you’re right’? Because we all, you know, we all have the right to think whatever we wanna think. And I respect that by everybody.”

While many found what he said was not wrong, others refused to agree with him.

“I was such a fan of Cam Newton but it is what it is. He cancelled,” a fan shared on Twitter.

“Cam Newton. To much is given, much is expected. As he matures, I hope Cam learn that his success requires him speak up for his people,” tweeted another user.

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