Calvin Harris Twitter Rant Against Taylor Swift Fake, Account Hacked?

Calvin Harris Twitter Rant Against Taylor Swift Fake, Account Hacked?
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Calvin Harris shocked his fans when he posted a one-sided Twitter Rant bashing his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, on Wednesday. Were the comments really posted by Calvin or was his social media account hacked again?


The weirdly vocal Twitter posts that slammed his former sweetheart of deliberately making efforts to defame his name in the public seemed, unlike anything that Calvin Harris has ever done in the past.

While there was plenty of scopes for him to take a stab at Taylor Swift during their not-so-private split in May this year, Calvin preferred to keep his distance and keep mum about the entire affair. So much so, that the one time that it seemed that he had actually gone a tad too far, it turned out that his account had been hacked and it wasn’t him posting those comments.

Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Split

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Back at the end of June, it was reported that Calvin Harris had replied to some of the fans with personal comments such as “I didn’t leave anyone and she’s def not sad. It’s all good” and “not jealous sir, FREE”, when asked how he was coping post-split with Taylor Swift.

However, according to Entertainment Tonight, Harris’ rep had clarified that Harris was not the one who left a string of abnormally sentimental comments. We can assume his account was hacked then.

It has been a barely a month since and Harris has landed himself into a similar situation, only with some of the details changed. This time it’s on Twitter and it’s in reply to Taylor Swift’s lifting the curtain off the fact Harris’ hit single “This is what you came for” was actually co-written and co-composed by her under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg.

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Feud

After what seemed to be a hint of appreciation for Taylor’s hard work on the song, Harris called her and her team “hurtful” for dragging his name through the mud like that, reports ELLE.

He also takes a dig at Taylor’s “new relationship” with Tom Hiddleston and how she is petty for trying to tear his reputation down because she must be bored on her “off tour” days!

Harris looked even more foolish carrying on a lonesome rant since Taylor did not even dignify his posts with a response. The incident is so out of character for Harris that people are speculating if his Twitter account was hacked this time.

Do you think Calvin Harris can post something like this or was he a victim of a hacking? We can only hope it was the latter.

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