Calvin Harris, Kanye West Collaboration Cancelled: Taylor Swift Scared Ex-Boyfriend?

Calvin Harris, Kanye West Collaboration Cancelled: Taylor Swift Scared Ex-Boyfriend? Lorena Cupcake / Flickr CC

Team Harris and Team West are not getting together for a musical collaboration anymore? Did Taylor Swift make them drop their plans?


As soon the anti-Taylor Swift squad, comprising of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris hit Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday party in Las Vegas, rumors started swirling of Kanye West planning to get Taylor further riled up by teaming up with Calvin Harris is a musical collaboration.

However, TMZ has reported that even though there was an opportunity for both Calvin and Kanye to take the ultimate revenge on Taylor Swift by collaborating on a musical album, none of them utilized this opening.

Calvin Harris is allegedly scared of the kind of criticism that he will have to face from his ex-girlfriend and her powerful team of lawyers if he ends up collaborating with Kanye West. He just wants to be done with all the relationship drama that has been going on with Taylor and move on.

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So, even though both Kanye and Calvin have mutual respect for each other, a professional collaboration is not on the cards right now.

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Kanye seemed to have reportedly expressed how impressed he was that Calvin Harris had held his own under all the backlash that he has had to face from Taylor Swift post-breakup.

Hollywood Life even went as far as reporting that, “Kanye’s already extended Calvin an invite to his home and his studio and wants to have some bro time with him, trading Taylor war stories with the possibility of dropping one big epic collaboration on the world.”

Both Kanye and Calvin have had to face Taylor’s wrath when it comes to musical albums, Kanye with his “Famous” music video and Calvin with his “This Is What You Came For” single, featuring Rihanna.

While Taylor accused the former of using his music to defame her, in case of the latter, she claimed a chunk of the credit for having secretly co-written and co-composed his single.

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