Calum Hood Of 5SOS Celebrates 20th Birthday With Epic Photos

Calum Hood Of 5SOS Celebrates 20th Birthday With Epic Photos
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The boys of 5SOS or 5 Seconds of Summer have a lot to celebrate about, including their number one album, landing the Rolling Stone magazine cover and Calum Hood’s 20th birthday. Despite the several accomplishments the band was able to achieve, Ashton Irwin is on a bad ride with romance as him and girlfriend, Bryana Holly, allegedly broke up.


The boys of 5SOS have had a smooth ride in their music career as they have been featured as the cover for one of the music industry’s most recognized magazine, Rolling Stone, late last year. Now that it’s 2016, 5 Seconds of Summer’s Calum Hood now celebrates his 20th birthday.

As was mentioned, they have been celebrated recently. In fact, MTV gave Calum the best birthday gift as they dedicated an article specifically for the 5SOS band member.

The article showcases 20 photos of Calum in several facial expressions that looked incredibly hilarious. The tags were as follows:

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  • The “our music is so good it actually hurts me” face.
  • The “sup girl?” face.
  • The “catching flies with my mouth” face.
  • The “I forgot how this microphone works” face.
  • The “what is Luke doing over there?” face.
  • The “I’m going to wake up tomorrow with slime everywhere, aren’t I?” face.
  • The “take me now, god” face.
  • The “I just farted but no one can tell” face.
  • The “awww, our fans are so cute” face.
  • The “headbanging my heart out” face.
  • The “oops, I forgot my parents are in the crowd so I better tone it down” face.
  • The “wow, this lighting is really not flattering at all” face.
  • The “you guys are crazy and I love you” face.
  • The “being my most zen self” face.
  • The “whaaat does that sign say?” face.
  • The “I hope my tight AF pants don’t split right now” face.
  • The “I flossed today, see?” face.
  • The “are you not entertained?” face.
  • The “I kinda forgot the words just now” face.
  • The “I can’t believe this is actually my job” face.

Accordingly, Calum’s mates also celebrated his birthday by tweeting their birthday greetings.

Calum felt appreciative and responded to the tweets of his mates and the rest of 5SOS fans.

In other news, Ashton Irwin, despite good news the band has received recently, is on a downward spiral; only with his romantic relationship with Bryana Holly, at least.

According to Hollywood Take, Luke Hemmings’ rumored girlfriend, Arzaylea, told fans of 5 Seconds of Summer that Irwin and Holly have split up.

When Arzaylea’s phone number was leaked, a fan allegedly contacted her and asked questions such as why she did not follow Irwin on Twitter. Arzaylea then allegedly responded that she did not want to follow him because she didn’t like what he posted. Furthermore, when she was asked about Irvin’s relationship with Holly, Arzaylea allegedly said, “They’re no longer together so it’s truly none of my business.”

Although it’s a happy 20th birthday to 5SOS band member, Calum Hood, 2016 may not be too festive for his bandmate, Ashton Irvin, as Arzaylea already pointed out that he had broken up with his girlfriend.